Magnets Make Dressing So Easy, The Clothes Practically Close Themselves


Changing a baby in pitch black, diaper blowouts in public, the trials and tribulations of dressing a stubborn toddler, finding a private spot in public for nursing. We’ve been there, and we know these are not some of your finer parenting moments.

Day-to-day parenting comes with its challenges, but dressing you and your child can be easy. Our apparel features SewSafe™ magnetic closures that connect quickly and quietly, so you have more time bonding with baby and enjoying your (hot) coffee.

Get to know why our magnets are redefining "easy dressing."

why magnets?

They're quick without the fuss of snaps, buttons or zippers. Just line them up and watch them close. 

They're quiet. Baby is mid-sleep and needs a change? No problem. Our magnets close softly and quietly, so baby won't notice a thing. 

Easy for anyone to use. They're not only quick and convenient, they close with one or no hands and people of all ages can use them. (Hint: your very own toddler).

They're safe! Magnets are safe to wear against your skin and they're safe for pacemakers, too. Using our SewSafe™ Construction, our magnets are safely stitched between multiple layers of fabric and would require serious tampering to remove.


Baby outfit opening and closing with easy-to-use magnets

best for baby

Babies move around—a lot—and some changes can be so challenging, you feel like you're competing in an obstacle course on American Ninja Warrior. (Ever broke a sweat? We have!) 

The magnets in most of our baby styles are hidden down the front seams to eliminate the difficulty that comes with diaper or outfit changes. In our dresses and tops, they are hidden on the back of the collar. 


What's eliminated: snapping a million snaps, maneuvering buttons, or lining up zippers. 

What you get: the swift closure of magnets with not an ounce of struggle. 



Toddler Pjs being opened and closed with easy-to-use magnets

a toddler's, "I can dress myself" dream

In our styles designed for toddlers, little and big kids, magnets are hidden in a seam at the shoulder that allows the neck hole to expand—making it easy to pull over your head. Toddler dresses have magnets at the back of the collar.

They promote independent dressing and create a fuss-free environment. Parents can step back and kids can step in to dress themselves. Sound like a good plan? We think so! 



Mama Nursing outfit being opened and closed with easy-to-use magnets

next-level nursing

 Nursing has been known to have its sore spots—getting baby in the perfect position, finding a quiet spot in public—and we're here to ease some of that for you. The magnets in our nursing tops give moms easier nursing access—hold baby in one hand and pull the top away with the other. With magnet placement at the chest, our tops also help keep your stomach and torso covered up, so you can feel confident (and stay warm!) nursing in public.