Celebrity Spotting: Katy Perry Shows Off Magnetic Me On Oprah Daily


Superstar Mom Katy Perry Shows Off Magnetic Me as a Must-Have Item for New Parents

To celebrate the upcoming arrival of her best friend's first grandson, Oprah took longtime bestie, Gayle King, on a very special shopping trip in Santa Barbara. Their goal was to see all the best, must-have items for a new baby. And when you're Oprah and Gayle King, who do you bring in to show you the ropes? Katy Perry, of course!

You know that Katy Perry, mom to Daisy Dove Bloom, knows a thing or two about the very best products for baby. I bet you can see where this is heading...

We're so thrilled Katy chose Magnetic Me as one of her top picks for Gayle's new grandson! Katy's been a longtime fan of Magnetic Me since becoming a mom – with her little one spotted several times in our easy magnetic outfits (especially our solids!). 

And it's clear Katy knows her way around a diaper change – did you see the way she demo'd the magnets on that footie?! 

She kept it real with talk about squirmy babies and buttons being a bad combo and cracked us up with her very relatable "We ain't got not time for ties!" Katy, if this whole musician / performer / global superstar thing doesn't work out...just know you've always got a job here with your friends at Magnetic Me, ok? 😉

The stars shopped at one of our favorite spots in Santa Barbara, Chicken Little. You can see the full clip, all their top picks and more over on Oprah Daily