Top 10 Products We’ve Launched

Our founders, Lauren & Lawrence, reminisce about their past and current favorite products launched over the last ten years. 

1. Raincoats 

Lawrence: Our raincoats were truly great and can’t wait until we bring them back. They were a toddler favorite for sure. 
magnetic me raincoat

2. Velour Footies & Hoodie Sets 

Lauren: Even though they stop mid-calf now because they are 6, my girls still wear our 4T hoodie sets. They are so cozy and cute in the winter.

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 magnetic me velour toddler set lauren levy co founder  

Our velour footies are a winter must have because they are so soft and warm.

magnetic me velour footie fall winter baby

3. Bibs

Lawrence: The product that launched it all, our bib is a super ninja of a product. Read more about why are so amazing here.

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in-dog-nito magnetic bib magnetic me

4. Terry Cloth Romper 

Lauren: This was a great item we carried.. Perfect for taking baby to the beach or pool and getting them cozy and warm quickly after a dip in the water. I loved these... we should bring them back. 

terry cloth magnetic me

5. Fleece

Lauren: Our fleece is a dream come true and happy they are beloved. They are lined and warm and get baby dressed quickly so you can finally get out the house with all their stuff!

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magnetic me blue and pink fleece cozy winter

6. Footies

Lawrence: Our blank canvas of pure fun. Love our prints, the embroideries, the fabrics. Its just a winner. We try to include hidden winks in as many collections as we can... and naming them is fun.

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solid gray footie magnetic me

7. Anything with a tush applique 

Lauren: Amirite?  Especially when they sleep with their little booties in the air. I can't even!!!

magnetic me bottom embroidery

8. Polo Rompers

Lauren: My kids lived in these in the summer. They were an easy outfit and they always looked put together and adorbs.

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polo romper magnetic me

9. Dresses

Lauren: Ruffles for days and super soft. Annnddd they open super wide in the back so they are super easy to get on and off. 

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magnetic me seeing spots dress

10. Toddler Pjs & Clothing

Lawrence: I loved our toddler play clothes. They were so cute and fun! Our new toddler pjs are the best and the magnet on the shoulder makes getting tired toddlers dressed a lot less stressful for parents. Someone coined the term "no drama pajamas" for them and it couldn't be more accurate.

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magnetic me toddler pjs and clothing   magnetic me toddler pjs and clothes

11. Nursing & Fam Jam's (because these are AMAZEBALLS TOO!)

Lauren: Even though I'm not nursing, these pj's are like wearing a cloud. If you are nursing, there's really no other option that's this great for easy breastfeeding access. And, you can wear these long after pregnancy and nursing. yay!

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 Magnetic me magnetic Matching mom and baby pj sets