life in quarantine: the perks of 14 days at home!


On a typical day, I work in the city and have an hour and twenty minute commute to our office EACH way. When I wake up, I spend as much time with my kids as I can and when I get home, I do the same (for a total of about 3 hours a day on a good day). What gets sacrificed? Pretty much everything! I used to joke to my husband - what if I could have a stay-cation and just get everything I've been meaning to do at home DONE for once! 

Like what you ask? 

+Organize the kids closets and donate everything that's too small

+Organize the tupperware drawer (gah!)

+Donate old coats from the coat closet

+Help organize my husband's closet (who has a spare hazmat suit?!)

+Organize the freezer and actually cook some of the stuff that we bought at Trader Joe's which seemed like a good idea at the time 

+Organize the basement and donate toys

+Clean the garage so we can actually walk through it


Guess WHAT? I actually DID ALL THESE THINGS!  (Hurrrayyyyy! taking my virtual glory lap). And so did a lot of my neighbors as I spied outside my window on recycle day. All the things you've been meaning to do, you can do!

What else did we do? PLENTY!

We did an online cooking class and made dutch baby pancakes (yum!)

We also made bread... RAINBOW bread!

We painted outside!

And we had e-playdates with our friends!

We had a slumber party.

Most of all, we spent time with each other! And even after 14 days of seeing almost nobody else besides my family, I still really LIKE them. So, my fellow mamas and pappas, these days inside with your kids are a gift. Go make some memories and enjoy the time spent better together. <3


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