life in quarantine: school becomes home-school


So, you're now in quarantine and you have older kids. What does that look like? For us, it's a little chaotic. Have a baby? The mix gets even more challenging. How do you juggle schoolwork, technology, your own work, the baby? One word: SCHEDULE! Set up a schedule and a designated zone in your house to do it in. This way you know what you're doing and it moves the day along. 

Here's how we managed. I think the main thing you'll see is that life continues (as long as you have power and wi-fi!) and that you find a new normal.

Day 1: Because our schools had zero notice, they had to scramble to get online learning up and running. That's OK, we had worksheets to do while they figured it out!

Day 2 (Up to now): We are off to the races learning online! Not only did we start reading and math online we did lots of things...

Our speech classes continued on FaceTime!

Virtual Gym Class! Yes, you do get a workout!

Our piano teacher can even work remotely! Whoo hoo!

And don't forget about RECESS! Getting some air and playing outside is important too! Just remember to keep 6 feet between your immediate family and those outside your immediate family. Play dates are not recommended either.

Hope you enjoyed the learning edition of Life in Quarantine. Up next... Things To Do!

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