Top 10 Most Exciting Celeb Spotting

1. Bethenny Frankel(Lauren)
Bethenny is my idol and she was the first celeb baby spotted ever. The print she had was on a white ground and you had to squint at the screen to see it… but i saw it!
Bethenny Frankel wearing magnetic me

2. Neil Gaimon - (Lawrence)

He’s a genius 

neil gaiman magnetic me testimonial

 3. Jennifer Garner - (Lauren)

Jennifer purchased from our website directly for her youngest son and then we saw him wear it out. It was another squint-if-you-miss it moment but we saw it and it was one of our firsts and was amazing!


magnetic me jennifer garner baby

4. Carrie Underwood


carrie underwood baby magnetic me


5. Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo


Adam Levine Magnetic Me


6. Macklemore - (Lawrence) 

One day Macklemore posted his new baby on insta wearing our Animal Safari outfit and it was such a treat to see!


Macklemore baby wearing animal safari magnetic me

7. Beverley Mitchell - (Lauren)

Beverley is one of my favorites because she’s just the nicest person ever and has always been very kind to us. Plus, we had babies at the same time so I feel like we’ve been on our parenthood journey together.


Beverly Mitchel testimonial magnetic me

8. Andy Cohen / Anderson Cooper - (Lauren)

Andy Cohen is my best friend (it’s a one way friendship :) and we were so excited to see him post Benjamin in Magnetic Me. Then they did a Who Wore it Best wearing our Hello Hotdog! It was one of those moments I wish I could call my mother and say, “Hey Ma, We’re dressing Gloria Vanderbilt’s grandson!” Ha!
Andy Cohen and Ben Wyatt Magnetic Me Baby Footie

9. Bravolebrities

We love seeing all the Bravo parents wearing their MM. We’re especially grateful to Meghan King Edmonds and Heather Altman and the Real Housewives of Potomac for giving us some extra love.


Meghan King baby wearing magnetic me

10. Grandchildren of World Leaders

Nobody knows this but over the years we’ve seen Magnetic Me pop up on Trumps, Clintons, Bushs, Soros, Bronfmans, Schanbels and Facebook & Google Founders. That always makes us super happy!

Jenn Bush Testimonial Magnetic Me