We Answer All Your Questions On Baby Sleeper Gowns


The why, the how, the when, the where on baby sleeper gowns.




In our time as parents and product experts, we've come across quite a bit of confusion about baby sleeper gowns. "Why do I need one?" "What's the right way to wear it?" "When do I use it?" 


Luckily, our product team is the best in the baby business and they're here to explain the benefits of baby gowns and answer all of your questions.


Q: What's the difference between open & closed-bottom gowns?

A: Our open bottom gown with a cinched elastic waistband at the bottom works well in car seats where you can raise the garment to buckle the seat. They're also great for diaper changes: slide the garment up and baby’s top half stays warm during the diaper switcheroo.


Our cozy sleeper gown has a closed-bottom that keeps toes warm & tucked in, while magnetic closures down the front allow you to open from the neck down for diaper changes.


Both are great for when babies sleep. 


Q: Where and why do you use magnets on gowns?

A: Magnets line the front seam for effortless in and out, as well as easy diaper changes while baby sleeps. 


Q: When should babies wear gowns?

A: The perfect age for sleep gowns is 0-3 months, or what many call the fourth trimester. During this stage of life, babies love warm environments that mimic the womb. A sleep gown keeps baby warm without being too restricted.





Q: Does the time of day matter? 

A: Gowns can be worn anytime. They work during the day as an extra layer and are especially ideal for naps. They're also good for nighttime when you need to change your baby quickly and want to keep them from waking.


Q: Can my baby wear a gown underneath a swaddle or sleep sack? 

A: Some sleep sacks fit loosely around the legs so a gown could fit comfortably underneath. With a tighter swaddle, a footie or coverall might be a better fit.