why we are ROYALLY obsessed!

We love all things royal here at Magnetic Me. Maybe it’s the pomp, the palaces, the young royals’ perfect blow outs and untouchable, gravity-defying fascinators. We love the WHOLE thing. And we love that they try to be just like us. Hehe. Kind of.
Our full on royal obsession begins...
In 2012 I was in London for a trade show. I finished setting up my booth early and said to my trusty assistant (my mum - I'm going to use as many English phrases as I can here), “hey, lets just go to Buckingham Palace and see the Queen”. We took the tube and as we got out near the Palace, we stumbled on the yearly Trooping the Colour - the Queen’s annual birthday parade! And, btw, it’s so steeped in tradition, it’s not even on her real birthday. We saw horses and carriages and military exercises. It was fabulous! And the crowd was nothing like here in NYC, where everyone pushes for their spot....everyone was so polite!
Trooping the colour
When it was over, we casually strolled (ie more like the New York way... me and mumsy made a mad dash for a good spot) towards the Palace and then it turned into a dream... we saw the ENTIRE ROYAL FAMILY come out on the balcony - first the Queen and Prince Philip and then EVERYONE ELSE!! We waved like mad!
Royals on the balcony
We watched a fly past (Royal Air Force fly over), we heard cannon blasts!! Oh, what a day! We spent the rest of our time buying up as much Royal memorabilia as we could to take home. It was just after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so there was plenty of it.
Fly past
Kate gets preg!
Kate Announces First Pregnancy 2012
In 2013, I fell pregnant (see what I did there!) around the same time as Princess Kate. It happens, because of her hyperemesis gravidarum (i.e. the worst morning sickness ever), she announced her pregnancy really early, which coincided nicely with our production cycle. So we here at Magnetic Me sprung into action. How cool would it be for parents who were having babies around the same time as Kate have something in hand to commemorate their own heirs with? We called the collection An Heir is Born! Her heir, my little heir, everyone’s new heir.
Here's a swatch from the original collection...
original royal baby swatch
The first collection was made from 100% cotton, unisex and uber cute!
First royal baby collection
The collection was a phenomenal hit and the global press we received blew us away. The today show called (twice!), I was on fox news 3 weeks postpartum (ugh!). It truly was a global phenomenon!
Royal Baby PressRoyal Press
Here's my little heir in the original collection. We called him the Prince of York - New York :)My little heir
After the hubbub, we sat at our desks and thought about our next big global collection. There wasn’t one. Nothing was this big and celebrated on this scale. Not even Prince Harry’s baby would be that big. That is, until Prince Harry married a native daughter.
The next American / British Royal
Harry Meghan wedding
We love Duchess Meghan for so many reasons! She’s modern, she’s well educated, she’s multicultural, she’s worked for a living, she’s a feminist, she’s got family drama (who doesn’t), she’s gorgeous! But, also, SHE’S AMERICAN! After the wedding, we all agreed that this would be THE NEXT BIG BABY event and we set out to make our next royal baby collection.
Introducing our latest Heir is Born Collection honoring baby Sussex' US/UK dual citizenship. Made from silky soft luxe modal, the collection includes a footie, gown & hat set, blanket and lovey. The collection can be ordered here
(Oh and PS, this one is gonna be a big one too!)
Baby Sussex press