Baby Registry Guide For Newborn Clothes & Accessories


Tips on what you need on your baby registry and why you need them. 


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Preparing for a baby can be exciting, fun, and also very challenging. There are sooo many new things to learn, to-do lists to make, new items to buy—none of which were ever taught in a classroom before this phase of life. 


Before you start adding every cute little onesie you see to your registry, check out this list of all of the baby clothing and accessory must-haves you'll use over and over again. We’ll break down what, how much, and why you need each one.


You may not know exactly what you'll need until baby makes its debut, but you do know you need to clothe your child. And that he or she will inevitably sleep, drool, and feed. So, you might as well be prepared (this is especially fun if you're nesting) with the essentials you know you'll need, no matter what. 


If you find yourself getting overwhelmed about the mounting list of stuff you're going to have to buy, don't worry—add these to your registry (we're a Babylist partner!) and wait for someone else to buy it for you. You got this.

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Parents swear by our footies. Why? Because of the magnetic closures down the front that make dressing and changes easy—especially in the middle of the night. Bonus: eco-friendly fabrics make them comfortable, breathable, and gentle on sensitive skin.



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Meet the fuss free coverall: we took our best-selling magnetic footie and designed it as a one-piece without the feet. Magnetic closures line the front to ensure quick and quiet changes, while eco-friendly fabrics make it a baby wardrobe staple—think soft, breathable, and gentle on skin.


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Calling all parents of newborns who require constant diaper changes (aka all of them)! Gowns are a great choice for naps because they're like teeny tiny baby sleeping bags that keep them nice and warm. Both have built-in mitten cuffs which help prevent baby from scratching themselves.



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While it's not the biggest deal what baby wears home from the hospital (you'll have other things on your mind), many parents want baby's first "real" outfit they'll ever wear to be special. Luckily, you don't need to spend time trying to style something yourself, you can buy a take-me-home set all in one swoop. Our sets come with a kimono top with magnets that's gentle on healing belly buttons, pants, and a coordinating hat.


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Meet the quintessential baby item (made easier with magnets, of course) and an everyday layer that goes with everything. Better than a t-shirt, our bodysuits have magnetic closures save time with quick and quiet changes and prevent it from riding up, while an expandable neckline is designed for easing over baby's head or putting on feet first. 


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A newborn hat is a cozy wardrobe essential that keeps baby's head warm during the early months. Available in cute colors and charming prints, it can be worn every day and for special occasions like coming home from the hospital, a newborn photoshoot, and family gatherings.



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Bibs make playtime and feedings better, particularly because they protect your baby's outfit from three messy offenders: spills, spit up & constant drool. That, and we have them in the cutest prints to complement baby's outfit. Best of all, they have a magnet to keep it together and pull off with ease. 



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Wrap your little one in our soothing swaddle blanket and give them the sense of comfort they need to pacify themselves, cry a little less, and sleep a little more soundly. Generously sized, the ultra-soft blanket is a great layer for warming up beyond the baby stage and well into the toddler years—think naps, breezy stroller rides, a place to sit at the park, cuddling on the couch.