Jump into the New Year with These Magnetic Me Best Sellers


Is your baby ready for the start of 2018?

Like all parents, you may find yourself daydreaming about all the milestones that will be reached during the next calendar year and the new memories that will be made as your baby grows.

Speaking of growing, is your baby’s wardrobe ready for the start of the New Year?

It’s a perfect time to take inventory of your little one’s clothing and make some additions to keep them looking their best through the upcoming months. It’s also a great time to purchase some new baby clothes as a gift for your favorite grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, or friend!

Get a head start on the easiest – and most fashionable – way to dress a baby with these bestsellers from Magnetic Me!

For the Traveler: Airplanes Magnetic Footie

Are you planning a trip with your mini-me in the upcoming year?

If so, our Airplanes Magnetic Footie makes the perfect travel outfit.

For one thing, the easy magnetic closure of this footie makes airport and in-flight diaper changes a breeze. It’s the absolute easiest way to dress a baby, and we know that you need easy when you’re traveling with a little one!

Make the trip less stressful by dressing your baby in Magnetic Me baby clothing.

The airplane pattern is also super cute for your little aviator-in-training. Whether it’s your baby’s first flight or you have taken to the skies before, who can resist a themed outfit for the big day?

Plus, the all-cotton material and comfortable fit make for an easy-to-wear travel outfit. Pick one up today and be ready for next year’s travel adventures!

For the Animal-Lover: Blue Dancing Elephants Modal Magnetic Footie & Blue Elephant Magnetic Footie

If your baby or toddler loves all things animal-related, then our two elephant print footies are great choices.

Like all of our baby clothing, these easy-to-wear outfits are even easier to put on – meaning you can get ready for your day with less stress and less fuss!

Newborn sizes also feature an extended leg opening and mitten cuffs to make those first few months of life easier.

Whether you’re planning summers spent at the zoo, or just want to see your little one sporting a cute pachyderm print, pick the Blue Dancing Elephants Modal Magentic Footie or Blue Elephant Magnetic Footie.

The Blue Dancing Elephants Modal version is made from eco-friendly (but still super soft!) fabric. The Blue Elephant version features pops of color with orange, green, brown, and blue elephants splashed across the outfit.

No matter which print you pick, these magnetic footies are wearable and ready-to-go for the zoo, play dates, and more!

For the Eco-Minded Baby: Blue Doeskin Modal Magnetic Footie

Get 2018 started right by supporting eco-friendly fashion with one of our Modal magnetic outfits. One of our best sellers is the Blue Doeskin print.

Featuring the same great magnetic closure and fit options you’ve come to love on our footies, this outfit is made from remarkably soft Modal fabric. Known for being silky and soft, Modal is made from responsibly farmed Beechnut trees. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture has certified Modal as a 100% bio-based fabric.

So make a fashion statement and a commitment to the environment with this popular footie. Order the Blue Doeskin Modal Magnetic Footie or any of our other Modal outfits and your baby will be looking stylish and environmentally-conscious heading into 2018!

More Great Magnetic Baby Clothing Choices for 2018 and Beyond!

Here we’ve touched on just a few of our best selling magnetic baby clothes. But there are even more great outfits available. Make your life in the new year easier and less stressful by investing in magnetic baby clothing.

You’ll save time dressing your little one, during diaper changes, and selecting outfits that are comfortable and easy-to-wear. With a drawer or closet full of Magnetic Me baby clothing, the choice is easy and every outfit is ready to go.

Pick a classic print like the Bedford Floral Magnetic Footie or the Blue Herringbone Magnetic Footie. Or, if you’re feeling a geometric pull, opt for the Blue Diamonds print. There are so many popular prints to pick from, it won’t be hard to find an outfit that is perfect for your baby or makes a wonderful gift for someone you love.

Make a style statement in 2018 that will save you time and stress by outfitting your little one in Magnetic Me baby clothing.

You both will be happy and comfortable all year long!