life in quarantine: things to do with baby


An insider’s tips + tricks on how to still live your best life. 

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Times like these help us rediscover the importance of freedom. The many things we took for granted on a daily basis--walking the dog, running out for a coffee, dropping the kids off at school--have come to a screeching halt. We’re not only being asked to move our entire lives inside, but perhaps to reflect on things internally, as well. It’s always been our priority to find the fun in life. Today, despite the feelings of panic, chaos, and uncertainty, that still remains true. Life has certainly been turned upside down, but depending on how you choose to look at it, we may be in for some fun. Remember, a rainbow is just an upside-down smile, after all. Perhaps today more than ever it’s just about flipping the lens. Up ahead, we’re outlining all the ways you can hold onto your freedom, including a few shareable, printable lists that we hope can keep you (and the entire family) just a little more sane. Enjoy, and we’ll see you on the other side! 



Kids--and babies especially--find security in schedules, but no more are the days of daycare drop-offs with built-in agendas. That’s your job now, but it’s not a bad thing. Creating a framework for your day means that life will go on feeling as it used to in some ways. In other ways, it simply means you’re creating a timeline of events and things that everyone can not just anticipate, but look forward to. As with everything, get creative. Try incorporating an at-home “cooking class” into mealtimes. Consider using painter’s tape on the living room floor to re-create hopscotch from their favorite playground. Have some added creative time by encouraging your kids to create an at-home museum gallery of their best paintings, or stir up some drama with a living room theater production. And keep your eyes open for any online school offerings so that your older children can keep up with their true studies. Or, for those with really little ones, try breaking up your Netflix binge-and-feed sessions with a room switch-up. Find a sunny nook that's not the sofa, or a big chair in another room, to make yourselves comfy--and grab a picture book while you're at it.



Activities, as a word, may seem a little “bleh.” Sure, activities… but in times like these, we can’t emphasize it enough: get creative! Create a new baby food recipe with the canned goods you always have on your shelf or utilize any over-ripened fruit on your counter. Incentive puzzle time with a rewards system. Make bath time an adventure in the great abyss. Introduce them to “don’t touch the ground,” or build a reading fort from pillows and blankets. There’s truly no wrong way to approach keeping activities! 



Capture this particular moment in time by making baby's hand and footprints with salt dough, made of all natural ingredients you have in your kitchen. We found a great how-to on YouTube

Or it's also the perfect time to try a DIY soap kit! Soap making is a fun way to explain the importance of keeping our hands squeaky-clean. And added bonus: since it's something your little ones made and customized, they'll be extra excited to use the final product! We tested this one out ourselves--watch here! 


You will no doubt find an extensive selection of yoga options on YouTube, and it’s the perfect indoor activity for the entire family. In lieu of gym class or time at the park, opt for a calming exercise that encourages you all to breathe. 


There’s never been a better time to amp of the snuggles. Collect all of your favorite blankets or loveys, plus your favorite books and movies, and get ready for a marathon of cozy snuggles. 


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