We Saw An Industry-Wide Problem All Parents Have And Solved It


Get to know RightFit™ and why it's so groundbreaking.               



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An all-too-familiar scene: Parent attempts to dress baby in footie at bedtime. Baby sees footie approaching and decides to wiggle, move, roll around. Parent struggles to put the clothes on baby's arms and legs because footie is. so. darn. tight. The agony


We can all agree that dressing our children in tight-fitting sleepwear comes with its challenges—and potential sweat beads. For starters, getting tight-fitted pajamas over baby's arms and legs is difficult. Then, once they are on, they are too constricting on baby's skin, often leaving marks on ankles and wrists after a night's sleep.


Luckily for the entire parent population, our mission is to make dressing easier. That, along with keeping our children comfortable in a safe way, inspired the creation of RightFit™—a groundbreaking fabric that keeps kids comfortable for the best night's sleep and parents from feeling like they're going into battle every time they dress their kids for bed.


But Why Is Baby Sleepwear So Tight? 


Sizing drastically changes when babies grow out of their 6-9M size and into 9-12M+ pajamas due to government sleepwear regulations. 


In order to adhere to fire safety guidelines, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission mandates that children's pajamas meet specific standards. One option is to create a tight, close-to-the-skin fit in order to lower the risk of catching on fire if exposed to open flames. The other; treat pajamas with toxic chemicals in order to make them flame retardant (no, thank you). 


For decades, parents have been forced to choose between pajamas that were either too tight or treated with toxic chemicals.


Until now.


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Hello Rightfit™, Goodbye Tight Fit


We knew we could solve this issue by giving parents and their children a soft, comfortable fabric that follows the law, is naturally flame resistant, and gives babies a relaxed fit. Enter: RightFit™


Created without the use of carcinogenic chemicals, our patent-pending RightFit™ fabric combines silky soft TENCEL™ modal with a naturally flame resistant fabric for outfits in sizes 9-24m.



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The Many Benefits Of RightFit™

 1. It has a comfortable, roomy fit that's easy on the arms, belly-friendly, and sized for baby thighs.

2. A looser silhouette makes changing and dressing babies easier for parents.

3. There's no second guessing the sizing or need to size up to fit into a tight outfit; baby can wear the age appropriate size.

4. Parents sleep easier knowing their child is wearing pajamas free of dangerous chemicals; children sleep easier in a fabric that's soft, breathable, and gentle on skin.

5. Safety-tested magnetic closures are added to RightFit™ outfits so parents can dress children with ultimate ease.


Simply put, our RightFit™ fabric makes meaningful progress in combating the children's industry's tight fit issue and dressing growing children hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are tight fit pajamas?

A: The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires that pajamas can be worn loose fitting only if treated with toxic flame-retardant chemicals in order to meet government flammability safety requirements. If not, pajamas must be worn tight fitting.


Q: Why are snug fit pajamas so tight?

A: Pajamas are mandated to meet specific dimensions that result in a very tight fit. As a result, parents often find dressing their child to be a frustrating experience as they struggle to get baby’s arms, legs, and tummies into the garment.


Q: How does RightFit™ get around tight fit guidelines without using toxic chemicals?

A: RightFit™ is our patent-pending fabric blend combining TENCEL™ modal with a naturally flame resistant fabric, resulting in a soft and loose fabric that doesn’t use carcinogenic chemicals.

Q: In what styles and sizes will the RightFit™ fabric be available?

A: Most footies in our Spring '24 modal collection will come in RightFit™ fabric for sizes 9-24 months. Stay tuned for our Fall '24 collection as we are rolling out RightFit™ in brand new styles up to size 8Y.

Q: Will RightFit™ feel different from TENCEL™ modal?

A: RightFit™ feels slightly different than TENCEL™ modal but is still lightweight and super soft.


Q: What testing does RightFit™go through to ensure it adheres to CPSC guidelines?

A: RightFit™ is independently safety tested by a consumer products safety testing bureau and complies with all applicable flammability regulations.


Q: Why is this new fabric innovation so important?

A: Magnetic Me has always approached parenting challenges with innovative solutions. No other apparel company has solved the tight fit problem, one that all parents experience, until now.