one world better together - our new, COVID-inspired print


the inspiration behind this happy and hopeful print

In 2018, we re-branded from magnificent baby to magnetic me. We loved the name magnificent baby. It had the "mag" for magnet and the word magnificent really spoke to the ease of our clothing. In this digital day and age though, we knew we needed a name that said what we do and was a little easier to say.   

our original logo



 our new logo (much better, right?)

With our new re-brand, our "soft. simple. magnetic." tagline also changed to "better together".  We love this tagline for so many reasons! On the face, it means together for magnets (and we think they are better then other closures). Better together is your life with magnetic me; better together is you and your baby. And in the most macro sense, we are all together striving to be better - better parents, better people, better citizens of the world. Better together has been our mantra for a while and we love it...and we try to live it.

In the midst of this crazy coronavirus pandemic time, we've been able to get some real clarity. First, like my grandmother used to say, all you have is your health. Stay at home, be safe and protect your health. You need it and your family needs you to have it. Second, help other people. From helping neighbors pick up groceries, to frontline healthcare workers, and all the way to different countries sending medical supplies to other countries in need, we all need a little help from friends. 

Around the world, we are all experiencing the exact same thing - the same ups & downs of quarantine, the same hopes, and not only the same wishes for this to be over already but also the same wishes for everyone across the globe to get healthy and well. 

we are one world, better together 

With a cure for COVID still a little while away, we decided to mark this time with a print to remember our wish for global healing, peace and love - everything a parent wishes for their new baby.  For us, the most exciting part of this new endeavor is that 10% of proceeds from the sale of this footie will go to benefit  CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty by lifting up women and girls.  During COVID-19, CARE is working in the most vulnerable communities worldwide, distributing food, hygiene kits, and empowering and protecting women and girls.

Here's how it went:

Our team came up with an idea board... how do we connect it all together into one print? Scroll down to see what our artist came up with. 




Round 1 - We got a few sketches back and loved them but they didn't quite capture the One Love we were going for. What do you think? 


Sketch 1

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Round 2 -  We loved this little set of icons but we couldn't see how this would translate to a footie, our featured item in this collection.

Round 3 - The final print! It's happy and hopeful with micro hearts, little rainbows and doves with olive branches. We are so proud of our new, One World Better Together print. 




























Let us know what you think of the print! From all of us at magnetic me, we hope you and yours are staying healthy, safe and well. xx.

To learn more about CARE, please visit










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