These Cute Baby Clothes Will Melt Your Heart


Are you looking to put your baby’s best foot forward with cute baby clothes that are also practical?

At Magnetic Me, we understand the desire to make sure that your baby is well-fed, well-loved, and well-dressed!

That’s why we have specially designed our onesies, footies, and other garments to be easy for you, but also fun for your baby.

Learn more about what makes our onesies and footies unique from other cute baby clothes with a few quick facts! Then, take a look at some of our designs that that are sure to make your baby look their best.

Cute Baby Clothes for Little Bundles of Joy: Onesies

Onesies seem to be the mainstay of a baby’s wardrobe, thanks to their versatility and ability to be a quick-change option. But traditional onesies rely on snaps and have narrow neck openings, leading to stress and struggle.

The Burrito Bodysuits from Magnetic Me are like a onesie, but better!

These cute baby clothes have a magnetic closure that provides easy access to baby’s diaper. Just pull down the front magnetic flap, then open the center magnetic flap, and you’re ready for diaper duty! These bodysuits have become an essential part of life for moms of diaper-wearing babies everywhere.

The burrito bodysuits come in an assortment of patterns and colors perfect for any occasion. Purchase the burrito bodysuit on its own, or as part of a pant set for venturing out into the big wide world – like this elephant-themed long-sleeve bodysuit.

Why is it called a burrito bodysuit?

Dressing your baby in our version of a onesie is a lot like wrapping a burrito (side note: We ate a lot of burritos while developing this design).

Simply lay baby on the garment, then wrap them up like a little burrito by closing the center opening, then securing the bottom flap. There is no struggle to squeeze the head and neck through a small opening, and the magnets make it easy to secure the outfit.

Will the magnets pinch my baby?

All of our cute baby clothes – burrito bodysuits included – are designed with safety in mind. The magnets that make these clothes so magnificent aren’t strong enough to pinch your baby, but are strong enough to stay closed. They are also securely stitched within the placket and inaccessible to baby. 

Cute Baby Clothes for Little Ones on the Move: Footies

Keeping your baby comfortable in a head-to-toe ensemble is easy with our line of footies. These soft and cozy garments are cute baby clothes perfect for anything the day (or night) brings your way.

Is the footie a pajama or daywear?

The answer is that it’s either!

Some little ones love to wear their footies during the day, while others wear their footies for pajamas. And some babies we know have a drawer full of footies ready for both. Many of our designs are versatile enough for occasions out or a night in!

Our Blue Picot Edge Magnetic Footie 4-Piece Set is the perfect day outfit for your little one, whether you’re going to lunch, shopping, or a baby playdate.

On the other hand, our Berry Velour Magnetic Footie or Sky Velour Magnetic Footie are great choices for keeping warm and cozy at home on a chilly night. But these cute baby clothes are also the perfect solution if you do need to venture out during cold weather months and want to make sure your little one stays warm from head to toe.

Will it be a hassle to change my baby’s diaper while wearing a footie?

Not at all!

Our signature magnetic closure on all Magnetic Me items makes these cute baby clothes a cinch to open and close during diaper changes. For the footies, a center opening along the chest provides easy access. Just lift your baby out, make quick work of diaper duty, and then slide baby back into the footie. The center of the garment practically closes itself and you are done!

For extra little ones (newborn to 3-month sizes), we’ve extended the opening partially down the leg to make it even easier to dress your baby.

Aren’t the footies going to be slippery?

This is a great question!

Cute baby clothes that might be a slip hazard are no fun for anyone! We know that babies on the move need traction, so we’ve included rubberized foot treads on the soles of our footies in sizes 9 months and up.

Cute Baby Clothes You Can Count On

Whether you opt for onesies, footies, or any of our other styles and silhouettes, you’ll be choosing cute baby clothes that you can count on.

These outfits will keep your little one looking great and feeling great. And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? We know that your baby’s comfort is your top priority, and with easy access through magnetic closures, Magnetic Me really is the absolute easiest way to dress a baby.

So choose Magnetic Me for cute baby clothes that you and your baby will feel great about and look back fondly upon your photo albums.