Part 1: The Magnetic Me Story

2007-2008 - The Idea
Magnetic Me was actually conceived in 2007. Lauren was changing her nephew and became instantly frustrated with the tools she had - a scratchy velcro bib and an outfit with too many snaps. As an economist by education, she thought there had to be a more efficient way.
Lauren's nephew whose red silky hair inspired it all

At the time, Lauren was working on Wall Street at an investment bank in the Commercial Real Estate group during the peak of the real estate bubble. She called her best friend from college, Lawrence who was then at the start of his corporate law days at a big NYC law firm. In between Lauren travelling for work and Lawrence working into the night on deals, the two worked every free second they had and every single weekend to hatch their plan, with the goal of making people’s lives better.


Co-Founder of Magnetic Me Lauren & Lawrence August 2008Lawrence & Lauren, taking a work break on City Island, August 2008

The brand was originally called Magnificent Baby to cheekily conceal the word magnet (just like the clothing) and to describe what we invented - clothing that was magnificent! 

magnificent baby logo

magnificent baby - soft simple magnetic - logo 2Magnificent Baby dots logo
our first logos and taglines. we always loved the plus / minus dots. so fun!


2009 - Pre-Launch

The real estate market bursts and Lauren’s bank goes out of business. It’s a blessing in disguise for Lauren & Lawrence, who have a year to finalize their launch and polish their business plan. Their business plan winds up being over 100 pages and their lender kindly asked them to get it down to 7.

2010 - Launch!

Beginning of 2010, Our first trade show in New York. We launch with a few traditional prints in footies, burritos, gowns and kimono sets made of pima cotton in Peru.  Feeling the effects of the Great Recession, trade show attendance is down and buyers are skittish. Still, seeing the innovation of magnetic fastening clothing, the company lands 3 key accounts: celebrity-favorite Petit Tresor in Los Angeles, parent-favorite Elephant Ears in Ann Arbor and New York City-favorite Albee Baby in New York. Buy Buy Baby, Lord & Taylor, Destination Maternity & parent-beloved Magic Beans in Boston follow.

our first display at buy buy baby!

2011-2012 - Grow, grow grow! 

Magnificent Baby joins showrooms in a few cities and starts racking up awards and press mentions (more on that later). People’s faces light up when they see magnetic fastening clothing for the first time. Comments we start to hear regularly: “Why didn’t i come up with that?”, “Does it come in my size?” and “I wish you were around when I had my baby.”


Stay tuned for Part 2...