A Special Donation To Children’s Hospital of Atlanta - Egleston


Our co-founders personally deliver the latest Heart To Heart donation in Atlanta, home of their alma mater Emory University.




It's not every day you get a chance to connect with real life heroes—and by that, we mean the Pediatric Cardiac ICU (CICU) nurses at Children's Hospital of Atlanta - Egleston. As one of our last Heart To Heart donations in 2022, our co-Founders Lauren and Lawrence had the distinct pleasure of donating Magnetic Me outfits to the CICU team and hospital staff in person

Located at Lauren and Lawrence's alma mater Emory University, this became a full-circle moment to deliver this donation personally in the town where the lifelong college friends met. The two were greeted by some of the kindest hospital staff they've ever met, toured the halls, and connected with families of heart babies being treated in the unit.


Heart Center donation magnetic me


A Little Southern Hospitality Goes A Long Way


Thoughtful details were found all over, offering families a sense of comfort and community—letting them know that the hospital and staff were there to care for them too.



Inspiring signs line the hallways reminding families the importance of keeping things clean.



Meet Uno the Golden Retriever and Egleston's on-site support dog who was always ready for a cuddle.



Convenient snack carts are available for quick bites between appointments.



Families are invited to communal meals to take a break, enjoy a meal, and connect with others each week.


With over 700 outfits delivered to Egleston Hospital, we were so grateful to establish meaningful relationships with the Pediatric CICU team and play a small part in helping the patients, families, doctors, and nurses.


Meet Heart Warrior Ezekiel, Treated at Egleston



On April 28, 2022, Chelsey Dillard gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Ezekiel, who had Down Syndrome and a large hole in his heart that would require open heart surgery. When Ezekiel was just five weeks old, they found themselves at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta for Ezekiel's heart surgery. Everything went as planned, and the surgery was a success. 


While in the doctor's care, Ezekiel had all kinds of wires and a chest drain tube. Once he was in recovery, Chelsey was allowed to get Ezekiel dressed. She had brought pajamas from home, but the nurse brought in a Magnetic Me outfit with an adorable print—it was easy to put on and made it easy for the nurses to do all that they needed to do. 


Chelsey recalls, "It was nice to see our son in regular clothes. He looked like his normal self.  Little things matter and this is especially true in a hospital. We thank Magnetic Me for donating these. It was truly a blessing to us."


If you or someone you know has an idea for a partnership with a NICU or CICU, please contact press@magneticme.com.