Life In Quarantine: Virtual Baby Shower


We teamed up with an expectant mama, Kristen, who had to plan her baby shower during the covid19 pandemic. It's not something anyone expected, but we're here to help you get the baby shower you always dreamed of (with a few modifications). Here's all you need to know about how she did it and how you can too!

setting things up


Choose your format: evite? facebook event? etc.

My physical invites had information for location, time, and other party details, so they had to be ditched to make sure people didn’t think the physical shower was still happening. One will be saved to put in the baby book aka... "This is what your invite was supposed to look like.”

Add a summary about what your virtual shower will entail. This is a new concept for many, so providing that detail helps people determine if they will be able to participate. You may also want to provide detail instructions for those who may be more technologically challenged (or even test out the video chat with them before the big day).


Decide how you want to host your virtual shower.

Zoom is great tool for keeping it interactive (you can also try Google Hangout, FaceTime, Skype, etc.). We have a larger guest list, so opted to host on Facebook live and allow opportunities for guests to interact via chat. I created a private Facebook group where we will go live, so it isn’t broadcast to my entire friends list.


the main event


Provide a registry (lots of magnetic me baby clothes hint, hint) and details about where to ship/drop off gifts (if you'd like to open gifts on camera, make sure you plan ahead). Although cancelled, many people are still just as excited to shower mama and baby with gifts. 

One activity we will do during the shower is opening the gifts on stream. This allows for people to still share in the joy of your reaction as you see their gift..also who doesn’t love looking at all the lil baby things. 

A lot of items will arrive in Amazon boxes or bags. Wrap these up in gift wrap. It is much more fun to open them this way.

If you opt for optional gifts, you could always have someone film you opening the gift and then send the video to the gift giver after the fact!



Keep it simple or go all out. Decide what you want people to see while you are streaming. We plan to hang some themed baby clothes in the background..add balloons, add florals to visible vases and call it a day.



One of the best parts of attending baby showers are the goodies. For people who RSVP yes, put together a kit or goodie bag for them to enjoy during the shower. Personalize it with your shower theme, include treats, and other items that will allow the guest to feel engaged in the activities. Mail them out the week before or drop off to doorsteps closer to the date.

We included Gift Bingo cards, citrus themed sugar cookies and baby onesie cookies (cookies are our thing, so how could we host a shower, virtual or not, without them), bags of tea, and some Sunkist fruit gems.



Diaper raffle. Let your guests know you will be hosting a diaper raffle. Track who has shipped you diapers and add their names to the bucket to draw on stream.

Guess the belly size. Measure belly before the shower. Let’s guests guess the size in chat, first/closest answer wins.

Gift bingo. While opening gifts guests will mark off which items you open (i.e. newborn booties, layette set, swaddle blankets, etc.). First bingo wins. To keep it interesting I suggest doing “X”, cross, four corners, or blackout bingo. This will prevent multiple people from winning at once.

For our shower, shower kits will be mailed/door dropped for attendees, the bingo cards were put inside. More details on that to come.

Create a hashtag for photos. Encourage guests to take photos of themselves participating in shower games, enjoying snacks, dressed up or dressed down. One thing is for certain, virtual shower showcase the historic presence of the times..and it will fun to show your child what lengths were went through to celebrate their arrival! 

If there are other shower games you love, think of ways to modify them to do virtually. Send game winners the prizes in then next week or so. 



a note from Kristen

Most of all, have fun with it. It is an interesting time to be a expectant mama. I am not going to say that there is no disappointment associated with having to cancel your “real” shower. However, there are many positives to a virtual shower that  should be celebrated. I’ll be daydreaming of my planned brunch buffet, but lots of money will be saved on food (okay let’s be honest my prego belly is crying over the food). We have friends and family in Oregon, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas, Arizona, Missouri and Northern California that will now be able to participate in ways that were impossible before going virtual. Remember to do sanity checks on yourself, let go of feelings or expectations that don’t serve you and your babe. <3

Kristen Friend, @friend_tribe_rules



a note from your friends @ magnetic me

If you decide to throw a virtual shower, include us in the fun! We'd love to see any & all of the MM swag you're gifted (magnetic me footies? jammies? newborn coat?) and see the games you play! Each expectant parent who includes us in on the fun will get a special little something from your friends at Magnetic Me--just tag us in your photos on instagram #moremomentsMM. (& make sure your profile is public, so we can see!).



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