baby clothes that make dressing for cool weather easy-peasy


The temperature may be dropping, but fall time fun is just beginning! What can you do to keep your little one warm and snug when you’re outside having fun?

With the right baby clothes and accessories, you and your little bundle of joy will make great memories in the autumn air.

Here are our top tips for the absolute easiest way to dress a baby, even when the weather turns chilly!

It Starts at the Top - Cover Baby's Head!

It may be obvious to point this out, but covering your baby’s noggin is a key way to keep him or her warm and safe from the elements. Body heat is rapidly lost from the head, so you’ll want to not just give attention to proper baby clothes for the weather, but also a proper hat.

You may shake your head and wonder how you’ll ever keep a hat on a curious 6-month old baby. This is a valid concern, and a reason why many baby hats include snaps or fasteners of some variety. The problem is that these fasteners are often hard to attach or scratchy against a baby’s chin. This means frustration for you putting the hat on, and irritation for baby when wearing the hat.

The So Soft Minky Fleece Hat from Magnetic Me features our signature magnetic closure to quickly and easily secure the hat on your baby. Simply guide the two chinstraps towards one another and the magnets will securely click together. With each magnet sewn safely inside the chinstrap, your baby will only feel the soft fleece material. These So Soft Minky Fleece Hats are available in an array of colors and are topped with little ears that will make your little one “bear-y” cute!

A close cousin of our So Soft Minky Fleece Hat is our Smart Little Bears Fleece Hat. Equally cute, these fuzzy fleece hats are just as easy to put on and just as cute for your little one to wear.

Layer Baby Clothes to Keep Your Little One Comfortable and Cozy

If you’re planning to venture out into the cooler weather, you’ll want to make sure that you have baby clothes that are ready for any weather. You also want to keep your baby comfortable if you spend an extended amount of time indoors, or if the weather is warmer than expected. Layering baby clothes is a great way to do this.

However, dressing a baby isn’t always easy – and layering clothes may sound daunting. With magnetic baby clothes, however, the task becomes much simpler. Start with a base layer – like one of our easy to put on onepieces. This will give your baby something comfortable to wear if you’re inside or traveling in the car for an extended period of time. Our various onepiece style outfits are a cinch to put on with a center opening equipped with magnetic closure.

Then, add a warmer outer layer like a So Soft Minky Fleece Magnetic Hooded Jacket, available in a variety of colors. Simply slide baby’s arms in and close the magnetic closure to keep body heat in and cold air out.

If you’re expecting to face some really chilly weather, or be out in the elements for an extended period, then you may want to opt for a pram. Magnetic Me offers these super cozy baby clothes in a So Soft Minky Fleece and a cozy, inviting Smart Little Bears Fleece variety. Both prams are fully lined with combed cotton that is soft against baby’s skin. A hood with cute bear ears tops each pram, and built-in mittens and footies will keep fingers and toes toasty warm.

These baby clothes also make for great and comfortable Halloween costumes!

And the best part is that from 10/24 to Halloween, our entire Fleece and Minky collection is on sale for 20% off. Simply enter the code “BOO“ at checkout.

Don't Forget the Cold-Weather Accessories to Coordinate with Your Baby Clothes

A final tip is to make sure that you have the right cold weather accessories for your baby. Shopping for baby clothes is fun, but don’t forget about mittens, booties, and stroller blankets that will add an extra layer of insulation.

Keeping track of baby mittens can be a real challenge, which is why we made Magnetic Me mittens with an extra feature. Sewn into the back of each mitten is a small magnet that will stick to the magnet in the back of its mate. When not in use, you’ll have both mittens securely stuck together and easy to find!

Cool weather booties will keep your baby’s feet warm and snug. But putting on baby shoes isn’t always easy or comfortable for your little one. Our booties have a magnetic closure that makes them easy to secure around baby’s foot. No more trying to wrestle a wiggly foot into a narrow shoe opening!

Finally, once you’ve got baby all suited up for chilly weather and looking like a little bear ready for the long winter ahead, add a stroller blanket to really insulate against drafty breezes or cold winter winds. With extended straps and built-in magnets, you can secure the blanket around the stroller frame – ensuring it doesn’t blow away or get caught on anything!

Be Ready for Anything with the Right Baby Clothes

No matter what the weather forecast holds, the right baby clothes will help you and your baby have fun year-round. Our Magnetic Me So Soft Minky and Smart Little Bear Fleece jackets, prams, hats, mittens, booties, and more are a great way to keep your little one warm and snug during cool fall days.

Stock up now or give a gift to someone you love. Fall memories are waiting to be made – so bundle up and get out there!