Behind The Print: Fly Like A Seagull


Behind the Print: Fly Like a Seagull

Did you know buying a Magnetic Me outfit in one of our exclusive seasonal prints is like buying a limited-edition print of one-of-a-kind art? You’re not only getting an adorable everyday outfit for your babe – you’re also supporting female artists and designers who are passionate about bringing art and joy into the world.

Our behind the print series gives you a behind-the-scenes look at our print designing and curating process. You’ll meet the artists behind the one-of-a-kind prints and learn what inspires these creative women to create. What's up next? Meet Amélie Bois, creator of the exclusive mama-matching Fly Like a Seagull print.

Artist: Amélie Bois

Print: Fly Like a Seagull

Q: Amélie, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

After studying in France and Belgium, I first worked in home linen in Lille, then for 2 kid’s fashion brands in Paris. These last experiences gave me the energy to start my own adventure in 2017, by creating Coquelicot Blossom, my own textile design studio.

A trip, some memories, a little blade of grass between two paving stones, the label of a jam jar, so many sources of inspiration to create this fun and fairy universe that characterizes me. It's in this bubble poetry that I chose to work daily.

Q: What was your inspiration for this Fly Like a Seagull print?

I really like to draw patterns about places where I feel good. I’m French and I grew up in Normandy, so seagulls and the sea are my friends ;)

Q: What about your source of inspiration as an artist? 

I find inspiration absolutely everywhere and that's what makes my designs a little crazy sometimes! I mainly draw for the kid's sector, and I'm lucky because it's a sector that allows so much imagination and freedom. 

I think about sun, beaches... oh, I can draw a design with little cats selling ice creams. I love to draw, so I get to see patterns and ideas where not everyone else would, I never unplug my inspiration ;)

Q: How does it feel to know this print is out existing as living art in the world?

When I draw, I feel an emotion and I hope to pass it on to whoever looks at the drawing. So, knowing that a print will provoke these emotions all over the world, I am very touched. 

When I see it on something as cute as baby clothes, it makes me feel so moved :)

Q: What are a few random fun facts!? 

I have a sweet tooth (really, I’m an addict), I can be grumpy if I don’t eat enough sugar!

I love the cheesy songs of the 90s and 2000s. I've moved 7 times and have traveled to 20 different countries (with a backpack).

Flock to Amélie's print here! This one comes in our silky-soft (and sustainable) modal fabric and is offered in mama & baby matching, footies, kimonos, and more!

Fly Like a Seagull in the wild
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