Magnetic Me Named Favorite Baby And Kid Pajamas!


my favorite baby and kid pajamas!


     Oh, Joy!, design companOh Joy logo y based in Los Angeles, named magnetic me one of their top favorite kids and baby pajamas. They quote...

    "How many of you are LIVING in your PJ's right now?! Whether you're trying to stay cozy or keep your little ones cozy, great pajamas are one of the secrets to pure joy! Here are a few of our favorite brands to find quality and comfy PJ's for your little one...

early bird magnetic baby footie

    Magnetic Me is a lifesaver for those sleepless newborn nights with 3am diaper changes. Their magnetic snaps make it easy to change your babe by the glow of the moonlight! ($36, newborn to 24m)"

    -Nataka Joy

    Oh, Joy! puts Magnetic Me on their Gift giving guide!

Magnetic Me Blue Doe Skin Sleeping Baby Magnetic Me Early Bird Magnetic Me Little Ones Cute Baby

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