The Best Baby Blogs Every Mom Will Love


As a parent, you are probably on the search for great advice, quick tips, and a good laugh to keep things in perspective after a sleepless night or hectic morning. There is a seemingly endless amount of baby blogs on the internet, and there’s a category for everyone – first time parents, parents of multiples, working moms and dads, parents who’ve adopted, and much more.

To give you a head start on finding some of the best baby blogs around, here is a list of our favorite blogs and what you’ll find at each site.

Baby Blog for New Parents: Baby Chick

(Image Source: Baby Chick)

Whether you’re expecting or have just brought home your new bundle of joy, you’ll find plenty of useful advice from Baby Chick.

This blog focuses on pregnancy and life with a new baby, but also covers other aspects of childrearing and strategies for maintaining your own health and happiness.

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Baby Blog for Working Parents: Sleeping Should be Easy

(Image Source: Sleeping Should Be Easy)

If you’re looking to balance your parenting responsibilities with a career, then you need advice from someone who has walked in your shoes.

Nina, the author of this popular parenting blog, offers useful insights on working and raising children. As a bonus, Nina is a mom of twins – so peruse the ‘Twins’ section if you’re a parent of multiples.

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Best Baby Blog for Dads: Ask Mr. Dad

(Image Source: Detroit News)

If you’re a dad, you probably have your own set of questions and concerns about parenting and life with a baby. Rest assured, you’re not the only one to wonder about whether babies should sleep on their backs or when is the right time to wean.

At Mr. Dad, published author Armin Brott uses his experience to answer real-life questions from dads everywhere. He covers all the bases with advice for first-time dads, dads with toddlers, single dads, and more.

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Baby Blog for Tough Situations: Messy Motherhood

(Image Source: Messy Motherhood)

You might feel at your wits end at times or find yourself in a slump, and Amanda from Messy Motherhood understands. As a children’s mental health counselor with a family of her own, she’s seen the many ups and downs that the marvelous journey of parenting holds.

Her insight into human thinking will give you ideas for dealing with unexpected moments with children, curbing anger, or making time for your own mental health.
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Best Lifestyle Baby Blog: Baby Rabies

(Image Source: BabyRabies)

For an inside scoop on someone else’s life raising babies, check out the adventures of Jill Krause – a mommy of 4, self-diagnosed with ‘baby rabies.’

You’ll enjoy Jill’s lighthearted look at life and firsthand experiences raising babies and preteens. The beautiful photos and candid stories make for enjoyable reading when you need to have a ‘mommy moment.’

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